We leave from Huancayo another first stop is the statue of virgin of the snow at 4000 meters above sea level. We trek from there to Huaytapallana where there are 6 lakes and various fauna such as foxes, you can make a snowman and camp for the night with the apu (gob) of the wankas and possibly see a ufo!!

Visits the CEREMONIAL CENTER of the wankas, where the two molles(huge 500 year old trees) see the springs where the first couple who lived in the mantaro valley were born, also visit the first church built by the Spanish in the seventeenh century in Chongos Bajo visit a place where you can see where the wankas colcas farmers worked
On the both side of the mantaro valley.

the way of the gob!
Pariacaca situated at 5700 meter above sea level,in this places is possible see the lake Mullococha and the last way Inka! And part of the history of the Inkas.



You can textile technique with Alpaca wool, Sheep wool and so on. You could make Carpets, Sweaters, Ponchos, and soon, and also in addition you might learn old technique dye with natural tints.

Make your Own (Mate burilado)
Know the Andean newpaper (mate burilado) Learn how to engrave with authentic craftsmen in real environments so you have going to have a vivential experience!

Filigree Technique
Learn to work with precious metal such as gold, silver, discover the impressive way to make rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets using this technique filigree it’s going to be an unforgettable experience in you life!

Juk Suncculla 2008 - Peru