I have just completed your workcamp project in Huancayo, Peru. I had an excellent time, and it was a very good experience with Juk suncculla . I want to thank you for offering such a high quality workcamp, and I look forward to participating in more of your workcamps in the future. Katherin /Canada/

I had a great experience and the workcamp gave me the opportunity to visit many places I wouldn't have been to if I had just passed through as a tourist. Almost everyone I talked to was really friendly and the countryside is really beautiful. I was very glad to see that the work we had done will have some positive effect. Trons / Bélgica /

I had a fantastic 3 weeks with very welcoming in Juk suncculla association civil, generous and fun-loving people and feel privileged to have been part of their lives. I’ve also enjoyed spending time with like-minded people from other countries on this project, and being here has made me feel very lucky for what I’ve got and the opportunities I have. Amelie /usa/

Juk Suncculla 2008 - Peru